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Advantages and disadvantages of warm floors radiant heating

warm floors radiant heating
  • What are the advantages and drawbacks warm floor on PEX heating and water underfloor heating? In which case it is advantageous to use one or other equipment?

    The main advantage of floor heating systems - is comfort. No other heating system does not create such a comfort in the room, as a system of warm floor. It is ideal for children and the elderly, because there is no convective flow of air, it does not raise dust that has beneficial effects on patients. On the physical properties of PEX water and underfloor heating is exactly the same. But as correctly made the water "warm floor" is much more expensive PEX, a water system is used in large areas in the construction industry.

  • The main features of the design and installation of such systems?

    Design of heating systems based on the "warm floor" is no different from designing other radiant heating systems. First, calculate heat loss areas and determine the capacity of the system. And then be tailored to suit electric floor heating systems. Since the temperature of the floor in a room with constant presence of people under SNIP must not exceed 280s, then the power system can not be greater than ~ 180Vt/m2. That is, at low free floor space and high heat loss, power warm floor might not be enough to compensate for heat loss and require additional heat sources (eg, electric heaters. The main thing when installing floor heating systems - accuracy. 99% of failures of such systems (assuming high-quality components ) was caused by improper and careless editing.

  • Evaluate the demand for electrical systems "warm" ground and water floor heating? As far as increased / decreased demand in the current year? Why is that?

    Market PEX system "warm floor" is growing rapidly, increasing annually by 20-30%. The use of water systems does not increase so rapidly that it is related, in my opinion, the complexity and high cost of equipment. (We are not talking about those who are connected to a central heating system, which prohibits the standards and unsafe).

  • What is the competition in the segment of PEX warm equality, water? What are the major brands are represented in these areas? As far as the development of domestic production of water floor heating, PEX radiant warm floor? Is it (residential equipment) are competitive with imports?

    Warm floor competition is very big. Almost all the leading manufacturers are represented in Canada. It's De-Vi (Denmark), Ensto (Finland), Everhot (USA), Fenix (Czech Republic) and others. Since the production of heating elements use the same PEX tubing technology (hence the term "heating with PEX tubing"), quality, and hence the reliability of the PEX tubing is determined by the materials from which he (PEX tubing) is manufactured. With regard to domestic producers of PEX tubing systems, all of the above applies to them. Recently our market appeared PEX tubing. Since it is quite good, the price is not very different from the import.

  • What are the factors that shape the cost of PEX, hydronic warm floor. What are the limits of today the prices for "warm" floor? What is the difference in price for products from different manufacturers, brands?

    Almost all manufacturers of PEX tubing used insulating materials of several leading international manufacturers, and therefore prices are not very different from each other. Conversely, low price in our market should alert the buyer. Therefore have to compete as a service, the correct technical solutions, the timing of order execution, etc.

  • What should be guided and guided clients in the selection of "warm" floor?

    Our people are very sensitive to price. And without taking into account peculiarities of production PEX tubing (lower price is available only to low-quality products), often gets into a mess. Moreover, the problems start in a few months after installation. Thus, customers need to pay attention to the brand, qualified professionals, work experience, and if you are offered a lower price, then you should understand why it is lower than the others. Maybe you want to make a gift, but you must understand why.

  • What are the tendency to attribute the prospects of this market?

    Market Development PEX heating systems we associate with the widespread use of electricity for heating purposes. For many years, experts argue the benefits of this direction for Canada and now, finally, "the process has begun. 28 September 2006 the Prime Minister signed a decree "On transfer of settlements on heating with electricity."

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