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Announce in USA and Canada LUX Thermostat for climate control

LUX Thermostat , first presented at the exhibition company LUX in 2008, up to now in USA and Canada has not been delivered. This is due to the fact that the circuits of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (and management) in America and Europe are somewhat different.

Our specialists are the first in Canada and Europe were able to implement the pairing LUX Thermostat to the climate system. One of the confirmations of these words may be the fact that it is the first time we talked about this device in the Canadian Internet.

LUX Programmable Thermostat for Heat and Cool

LUX Programmable Thermostats

7 Day Programmable Thermostat "Everything Stat"

Programmable Thermostat with Remote Control

This model LUX Thermostat has the following full name: ViewStat Color Communicating LUX Thermostat. Here we will introduce readers to some of its features and major benefits.

LUX Thermostat has a modern design that blends harmoniously with the era of graphical interfaces for displaying and managing climatic parameters of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (in English, these climate systems have the acronym HVAC). LUX Thermostat has a color LCD display measuring 8.89 cm

This LCD display shows the climatic parameters, but with three buttons, the integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


Looking back on those design thermostats, which are offered and offer the leading companies on the climate control to the appearance of this model, LUX Thermostat immediately see the current trends in the development of control interfaces. Below, we photographed all the thermostats, which were at hand in our office.

These thermostats are implemented traditional interfaces climate control

In today's climate control interfaces, a clear example of the implementation of which is the LUX Thermostat, no levers, controls, sliders and sliders. Screens display climate information increases from model to model, are colorful and more informative. It is possible that in the near future there will be a model thermostat with touch screen control of climatic parameters.

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