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How to Choose PEX tubing type for your project?

Pex tubing is made up of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is usually available in the form of granules which are melted during the manufacturing process and pushed to create a pipe. Pex tubing is known by many names like Pex pipe, Pex piping, Pex tubing etc. and all these names carry similar meaning. Cross link and the PolyEthylene are created during the process of extrusion. The process of cross linking improves the temperature and chemical performance ratings of polymer which further gives the strength and the flexibility. Nowadays, tube makers are extensively using PEX instead of other materials like iron, lead and plastic.

    There are three methods to cross link
  • 1) Engels method PEX A
  • 2) Silane method (PEX B)
  • 3) Radiation method (PEX C)

PEX are divided into three categories: A, B and C. These letters are used to identify the manufacturing process of the PEX and are not related to measure the quality performance.
    Few facts related to PEX B
  • 1) PEX B can withhold more pressure than PEX A.
  • 2) PEX B performs better in chlorine testing than PEX C and PEX A.

While choosing any of the PEX tube many factors play their own unique role. The skill level, budget, tools and materials play a significant role while choosing PEX tubing. PEX A is the most expensive of all the other PEX's. Tools and fittings can cost heavily. It has also been reported by many of the contractors that PEX A is inconvenient to be used in colder climates however few industrialists have also reported that PEX is highly flexible than other tubing methods. PEX A is the best and the most flexible pex tubing available in the market. This tubing stands perfect for under the floor radiant heating applications and it can also be used in a concrete slab.

PEX B tubing is the most affordable type of tubing used in US. This tubing is sold by heating retailers, big box stores as Lowers, Home Depot and is also sold by the local plumbing retailers. It is widely used because of its extraordinary history performace and is easily compatible with many connections systems. It is quite popular among the professional contractors and DIY's. Latest addition in the Pex line is, the PEX C. Its price is similar to PEX B tubing. This type of PEX tubing can be easily be used with several installation methods.

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