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Taco 007 F4 spec & GPM

Taco is a world leader in the supply of pumps and other equipments for commercial and residential water systems. The Taco 007 model F4 is the company's latest addition to their range of energy efficient and high-quality products. It is different from other design of the cartridge which is replaceable. It is also available in either cast iron or bronze.

Unlike most pumps the Taco 007 F4 comes with magnificent features such as Standard High output capacity; Compact design, noiseless, efficient operation, unique replaceable cartridge design, low-power consumption, auto-lubricating, mechanical seal, high reliability, universal free flange dimensions, cast Iron or bronze Construction. The Circulator 007 F4 from Taco - provides under floor radiant heating at a cost too low than any other available method.

All Taco Pumps made with environmental conservation in mind such that they reduce wastage (electricity and water) and do not severely harm the environment through reduced green gas emissions (carbon dioxide) that are responsible for global warming. This pump Flow Range of 0-20 GPM with a head range of0-11 Feet. The minimum fluid temperature is 40 F or 4 C, while the maximum fluid temperature is 240 F or 115 C fore cast iron and 230 F of110 C for bronze. The maximum working pressure is Pressure: 125 PSI while connection sizes are 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2". All sizes have flanges.

The design of the Taco 007 F4 pump assures a more efficient circulation of fluids for both the open circuits and closed loop circuits. It operates perfectly on hot as well as chilled waters. This design also allows the pump to be small enough to pump water between small sinks and also flexible enough to circulate hot or chilled water in large water systems like in a skyscraper.

Taco 007 is a multipurpose pump. Its applications range from hydroponic heating, radiant heating, indirect water heating, chilled water cools to domestic water systems. Taco 007 F4 pump come with extraordinary savings too. Based on the average household water usage savings of up to15, 000 gallons of water and 500 kHz of electric energy can be made each by using Taco 007-F4 pump.

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